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Guess How Much Are Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and LinkedIn Worth?

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its 3.38 am now, ..i was   already asleep, but somehow i woke up, and cant get myself back to the sack,  today  i hear some news, not a big news, but i think its nice to write, its about how much Twitter, Facebook, Zynga and Linkedin worth? linkedin is another social network but they more like bussiness orientated , Zynga is a Facebook games provider company..

from what i heard, well its kinda surprising, on the first chart we got facebook with $11,5 bilion, second we got Zynga with $2.6 billion, twitter with $1.4 billion, LinkedIn: $1.3 billion. all sounds okay for me except Zynga, how could a facebook game provider, worth more than twitter?i guess it has no competitor in this type of bussiness, thats why it so valuable, it grows as big as facebook grows.

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Written by iwritten

March 4, 2010 at 9:48 pm