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#windows on Zune?

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Been a couple of days all i can post was only pictures i got from my random web surfing, wanna write something but i had no idea what i shud write about,  nothing worth to tell except that im totally pennyless this week, but still i enjoy myself, i guess everything were goin on like whats suppose to be. My undergradute thesis stuck up on chapter 4, where i cant find any idea where does the trap efficiency grafik result came from, i got to find out soon, i waste too much time on this single problm,and thats not good.  Anyway for the last 2 days lyla been busy with her garduation administration (correct me if im wrong) ,and  hopefully she done it well :), masio direpoti masalah ini tetep bersyukur terus y Lv.

Mean while, hot news for this week is about microsoft plans to release  windows mobile 7 , wow… is it the same windows7 as in PC converted into a phone OS ? or maybe its totally different? ummm, sounds like microsoft trying to make an iPhone killer just like Google trying to do with his Nexus One. I`ve been doin some article research about this OS, and its said that it has no multitasking and flash support, microsoft said that there was not enough time to implement these features. this phone will have Microsoft Zune HD interface with a complete revamp of the “Start” screen. The UI is “Very Clean”, “Soulful” and “Alive” (that what they said) ,  and Full support for social networking (i wonder whats that mean). Microsoft confident the device will be ready on september 2010. Hmm.,well see if this stuff will really gonna be iPhone killer., but for me theres nothing better than my iTouch+Nokia1100. ;D

hooah finally i make something (i think) worth to post! 😉

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February 16, 2010 at 5:50 am

What`s wrong with Google

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00.42, and i havent sleepy yet, still workin out my under-graduate-thesis .,.i need more data! i think i`ll write something , it wont take much time.,maybe it`ll refresh my mind.

what wrong with google? yeah,that exactly waht im tryng to figure out.,they start from search engine, then they buy YouTube,and then they make Google Android,they create Google Chrome  and from the rumour i heard, this year they gonna launch their own OS based on internet connection.,GOOGLE OS.

So what does it mean by “OS based on intenet connection” ?

That mean the OS only works if u had internet connection.

Why is that?without internet connection we can still open our file on our hardisk isnt?

NO, if your using Google OS, than u will not gonna need hardisk anymore,u gonna have an unlimited hardisk in your computer, all of your data is storaged on the Google Docs Account. The user interface takes a minimalist approach, resembling that of the Chrome web browser. Google Chrome OS is aimed at users who spend most of their computer time on the Internet, another benefit of this OS is, its only onsumes one-sixtieth as much drive space as Windows 7, how cool is that, so light!

but how if we wanna install a software? idk… im tryng to find out how, but i can find any article could explain it, but i think google shud fix that lack, considering they still had few month to go before the released day,,,FYI : Chrome OS is set to have a publicly available stable release during the second half of 2010.

Anyway, yesterday google also annouced their brand new feature called Google Buzz, what is it? its kind of social network based on their email features ( GmaiL) , i dont know yet how it work but soon i`ll give it a try .,. when i tell this to Lyla, she said: “ha? some kind of social network? but they already have Google Wave isnt? “and yes shes right, they already had Google Wave,., it makes me keep thinkin, What wrong with Google???

nite all

@google : u re doin great with the OS, briliant idea, keep it up! (like anyone care) ;D

@ lyla: nite dear, quote of the day ; “ate nak jogja rek ;( ” , i`ll miss a moment like today.,.standing in the rain beneath my jacket ;D

@ myself : get your ass back on the chair  and finish your due,,u had a target to run!

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February 10, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Classic yet powerfull phone ;D

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00.05 still i cant get myself to sleep,lil problem with lyla today,but i think we can handle it.  A friend of mine just got home from his vacation on Bandung,he brought me a T-shirt, but the problem is, he brought me the small one, I mean the very small one and theres a naked picture in front of it,but thank you so much anyway. If only i can put that naked picture here(on this post) ,to bad my phone  has no camera.

i had a very old fashioned blue screen screwed speaker phone,yet im loving it.,.well i buy it 6 years ago,we`ve been through many things together,haha ;D its a nokia 1100, well even at his time (6 years ago)  he never be one of the the best phone, but for me hes one of the best,and it irreplaceable, why is that? mMmm..heres some of the reason why,well i send my first text to lyla wth that phone, i got a text that telling me that im accepted at my present college now from that phone, and the most important is, that phone is unbrakable,,,u had no idea how many time that that phone was crashed into pieces,and last but not least.,,that phone is unwanted anymore,i mean who will be so stupid to steal that phone ?? it priceless,who will be so stupid to buy it ! but for me it one of a kind, i`d rather lose my PC than losing that phone (guyon,tok..,tok.,.,tok) ;D

nite all

@lyla ; luvu dear 😉

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February 6, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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