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Phone`s browser War ! (safari vs opera)

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its 30 minutes to 4, the dawn shud come in a moment,ill get some rest after doing “sholat subuh” (you name it), anyway whats goody around the internet?or shud i say, whts goody about Apple? well,a couple days ago they just approve a cool app on the iTunes, i bet most of you already know what this app  can do, its one of the most famous browser in the world, Opera! wow, the most famous mobile browser on the most famous smartphone, well see if this going to work.

Maybe some of you wondering and asking, they already have their own browser called Safari isn`t?  Safari and Opera is a rival, isn`t? the answer is yes it does..neither do i  still wondering what does Apple think about, when they decide to Approve this app., in my opinian this app (Opera) tend to makes iphone user move from Safari to Opera, who knows, we`ll see… i suppose Aplle has their own opinian about this confident decision. 🙂

nite folks/morning

*i got my bike fixed ysterday, im so exited, im going home today*

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April 15, 2010 at 9:22 pm

(how dare) Opera (claimed theirself as) the fastest browser on Earth.

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just installed the newest version of Opera, so im gonna make another crap review bout it.  Opera 10.50, they claimed theirself as the fastest browser on earth, after a few random browsing i did with this browser all i can say is ,it works nice, quite fast, but for a few site it  doesnt work too well, i mean this browser tend to slow down the PC performance soon as u deal with a site contains many javascript on it (FYI : javascript is a type of computing programming language that basiclly used on web building), website with a chatbar menu contain many javascript, such as ,Gmail,facebook, yahoomail etc, and it really make my pc slower… but u wont feel this problem if u had a pc with a high RAM memory..i guess this browser doent designed for a low  RAM pc -_- , but its okay thou, i can still use Firefox,…

for me Firefox is the most compartible browser for all type of pc, it works well wether the pc has a low or higher memory, wether it has a high-end processor or not…definetly a piece of art browser. 😉

I guess this browser (Opera) worth to try, maybe some of you fits with this browser…another main feaature of this browser is that they have something called opera turbo, this feature enhanced the speed of your browsing speed by reducing the contain of the web you ought to open. it makes your browsing speed increased 80%, thats what they said, but i doesnt work well with me, i found that my browsing experience felt boring, because the feature reduced to much picture on the site i ought to open.

one thing for sure, do not use IE, its the lamest browser of all.

But again, it just my  opinian 😉

nite folks!

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March 2, 2010 at 5:59 pm