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#windows on Zune?

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Been a couple of days all i can post was only pictures i got from my random web surfing, wanna write something but i had no idea what i shud write about,  nothing worth to tell except that im totally pennyless this week, but still i enjoy myself, i guess everything were goin on like whats suppose to be. My undergradute thesis stuck up on chapter 4, where i cant find any idea where does the trap efficiency grafik result came from, i got to find out soon, i waste too much time on this single problm,and thats not good.  Anyway for the last 2 days lyla been busy with her garduation administration (correct me if im wrong) ,and  hopefully she done it well :), masio direpoti masalah ini tetep bersyukur terus y Lv.

Mean while, hot news for this week is about microsoft plans to release  windows mobile 7 , wow… is it the same windows7 as in PC converted into a phone OS ? or maybe its totally different? ummm, sounds like microsoft trying to make an iPhone killer just like Google trying to do with his Nexus One. I`ve been doin some article research about this OS, and its said that it has no multitasking and flash support, microsoft said that there was not enough time to implement these features. this phone will have Microsoft Zune HD interface with a complete revamp of the “Start” screen. The UI is “Very Clean”, “Soulful” and “Alive” (that what they said) ,  and Full support for social networking (i wonder whats that mean). Microsoft confident the device will be ready on september 2010. Hmm.,well see if this stuff will really gonna be iPhone killer., but for me theres nothing better than my iTouch+Nokia1100. ;D

hooah finally i make something (i think) worth to post! 😉

Written by iwritten

February 16, 2010 at 5:50 am