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pure adrenalin rush

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So a few days ago i got another recruitment test, i dont know how to define that day, feel like im kinda blessed (you name it).  Here is why, well the test took place in surabaya at 8.30 , well i woke up at 4 am, but its not that i can just woke up and just go, why? because i havent got everything prepared,i havent got the job application form printed, i havent got my birth document copied, etc…thats me, someone who always underestimate something and always wait till the last minute to do something (i believe soon ill figure out how to solve those weakness),  i dont know whats wrong with me, maybe im just yet another freak who always trying to find a moment to pump up my adrenalin, haha

So for about a half and hour im doing some document  arranging related with the test, finally i leaved my dormhouse at 6.30, i cant imagine that ill make it through within 2 hours left, it tooks about 3 hours at normal time,  and im driving like theres no tomorrow,  i cant  even remember when the last time i drove like that. almost got hit by  for few time, but the journey goes on, and  miracle happen, touchdown right exactly at 8.30! and all i can say is Alhamdulillah.

Been thinking, being a jobseeker bring me more  adventures, friends to share with and stories to tell, and i kinda enjoy it. Might even 1 day end up like a geezer who has lunch business meetings in peeking n all that.. Wouldn’t it be lovely eh. Amin.

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November 9, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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Define what you called as “my dream” ?

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As usually, i dont anything in mind what should i write about yet im  trying to keep this ‘garbage can’ filled, just got an agreement with my fiancee, ill make a post if she also wrote one, well here it goes, lets try to make a rubbish article,

For the past days ive became such a lame, unproductive, sleepyhead and still.. a-jobless-fresh-grad-engineer, but im  still trying to live my life on something i called “right track to pursued the dream” (lebayyy), hopefully it wont last any longer (re:jobless), i believe Allah has designed my future, i`ll always keep that in mind, all i need to do is just keep movin and take every chance i meet, just like eminem said ” you only got one shot, do not misses chance to blow,  coz opportunity come one in a lifetime”, he got it right isn`t?

Now define what you called as a ” my dream”? i dont know bout you, but i define my dream as the moment when my parent realize that everything they`ve done for me was worthed, something that i havent done yet. Thou i always having problem with them, making my parent proud of me is always be on my top priority, couldnt agree more, and now all im thinking of to make them proud is by finding a fine neat job, but im not done yet with my dream soon as i get my dream  job, well im just a step closer to it, best is yet to come, and i aint stop till i get it.

ps :

to KBR, in case you read this, just  wanna tell you that you wont have any regret when you decide to hire me, my motivation is clear. become a Real Engineer. 😉

to lyla : your turn, make another one 😉

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October 27, 2010 at 8:04 am