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2. 51 am

todays was quiet fun,. I woke up at 10.30am,then realise i got a text,from lyla,she wanna go downtown,,,so we go downtown,but first we had our breakfast at ‘lalapan mb evi’ wth a friend of ours,oyiik…Today was awesome,at nite we had our dinner at ‘warung sego goreng’ hha,i dont know how to say it in englsh,it some kind of place that only serve fried rice menu…
Anyway,just realize i had no movie left to watch on my hardisk,i shud download one,i think i know wht movie what i wanna watch next, or shud i say whose movie i wanna watch, that would be Will smith’s. Been thinkin, from all of his movie i had ever watch, none of it are low-rate-movie, just take a look at independent day,badboy,i am legend Ali,pursuit of happiness,and hancock..etc.,.,,. U get the idea,isnt?

Well,i’ll do some googling now… :)…

just found a movie to download..

correct me if i was wrong,but i do remember that i ever noticed this movie on lyla`s laptop,but i guess she`ve already deleted it,yet i haven`t watch it ;(

Nite all

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February 7, 2010 at 7:37 pm

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