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wireless access point for my iTouch *can i?*

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2.45 am, trying to get myself awake, i got something to do tomorrow morning and i really dont wanna get late. umm soo today i got another lil progress for my undergraduate thesis and i found new  cool site, i found iTouch community on the internet, finally i found some people with the same interest as i do. after a few thread browsing on that site i found  new cool thing,  about how to make your laptop/PC as a wireless point centre, so that you can connect your iTouch  with the internet through your laptop via wireless. cool isnt…yet i havent prove it wether is it works or not,well actually ive try it once today using lyla`s laptop, but it didnt work well, my iTouch has detected the wifi signal the laptop`s made, but apperantly it just a wifi signal without an IP address, i guess i made some mistake, i`ll give it a try again tomorrow.

i just think its gonna be freakin cool if it works,, im using LAN intenet for my PC, that makes me cant do any internet activity with my iTouch, so if it really works it`ll makes my iTouch lot more useful ;). I`ll post the tutorial soon as im done with this “project” ;D . Been more than a years  i have it, but still, i remain in awe of its tech 😉

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March 10, 2010 at 8:24 pm

unPerfect Jailbreak ! x( *but i think it still works*

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havent making any post for a while im loosing a word to write…so now im curretly jailbreaking lyla friends iTouch, 8 giga 3rd gen iTouch..well actually this is not a “real” third gen, Apple said that the 3rd gen iTouch come with 3 version, 8GB,32GB and 64GB… but from waht i read only the 32GB and 64GB iTouch is the real 3rd gen, what i mean is they`re the one who got the new specs, the 8 Gb version doesnt has it, the 8 GB version is a repackage of the 2nd gen version..its quite different thou, just like the different between iPhone3G and 3GS, ..iPhone 3GS twice faster than 3G….in this case the 32GB and 64GB twice faster than the ‘3rd’8 GB iTouch…

but i thing i do noticed, eventhou those iTouch has a different type of specs, but it have a common behave soon as u jailbreak it (with blackra1n), the jailbreak work just fine, it takes less than a minute to get it done, but if you restarted your iTouch, your iTouch wont turn on unless you plug your iTouch to computer and run Blackra1n again,theres nothing to worries about coz it aint delete any of your apps.but it still suck isnt? u gotta plug  your iTouch everytime you restarted it…. this unperfect jailbreak called “tethered jailbreak”, but i heard the ‘untethetered jailbreak’ will be release soon.

Lyla said he gonna buy the 3rd gen and i hope the unthetered jailbreak already came out by the time he bought it. 😉

Nite Folks!

*anyway, this week.. for the first time in my life, i really touch a Macbook ;p*

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March 6, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Dont try this on Twitter

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its a quiet nice day, everything goin on like it suppose to be, lyla got the signature she needs, its good to see her smile again, been a few days she always get sad evrytime we got home from campus, hopefully she can get everything done soon. 😉

so..do i got something crap to write today?ummm, i think i got one, another hot news this week is about phishing attack on Twitter, i dont know exactly what does phising attack really is, but in my opinian that would be somekind of hacker attack, the aim of this thing is to steal your password, in this case, your Twitter password.  so who would be so evil doin this crap shit?idk, thres no article said bout it,, the modus of this attack is, you`ll get a message with a text  “this you???’  followed by a link that will send you to a  web that would ask you to enter and confirm your Twitter password, do not fall with the trick, coz you dont acctually login to your twitter account, instead it`ll send your password to the hacker. Been thinkin, i wonder why he doin it? why would he need  someone twitter account? what he`s up to do with someone twitter account? why dont he just hack bank database and steals credits card info? why dont he just hack AppleStore database and ask Apple to send him an iMac? Umm .. maybe hes a Twitter addicted hacker ;D

heres a video i got from youtube about the attack demonstration

another news from twitter today, is that they`ve make partnership relation with Yahoo, now you can update your Twitter status from Yahoo…(so what)

Nite folks

*been a couple of time lyla ask me to write something about my ipod touch bluetooth feature, she think thats awesome, but i havent write any, i`ll write it soon 😉 *

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February 24, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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Google China hacked by a school student?

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one thing i notice today is malang got another blackout  which  started and ended at the same time just like the day before,i think it`ll keep goin over and over again for the next few days,,anyway,i just watch hachiko, lyla said this is an movie an extremely sad movie, but hey, i aint sad at all ;p

Another news i got from the internet today is about Google, remember the cyber attack on google  china? well the google company were make an investigation and conclude that the cyber attacks came from a chineese school !!!  according to the report, the attacks were began as early as april, a month earlier than previously thought, but according to the news there also another  educational departement suspected to be involved, the departemant they mention were Shanghai Jiaotong University, well it does make sense, ive  doin a lil reseach bout this university, and it said that it has a leading computer science department and recently won an international competition organised by IBM, another fact i found that many of this university alumnus are silicon valley employee,which mean they`re definetly good with computer programing , system hacks or whatsoever…(definetly something im not good at). The chineese goverment denied they`re involved on this system-attacks which pulled this search engine out of their comunis country (what a liar ), but i gotta say, chineese hacker are freakin awesome, they hack one of  the world best internet company, indonesian hacker shud learn from those guys. ;p

oh i forgot, the school i mention on my post is the Lanxiang Vocational School, i got no information bout this school,tell me if you got one.,.

*another news–> did you notice facebook became twice as fast with their new look? ? thats what i read, but i felt nothing different thou *

nite folks!

@lyla:  nite dear

@dracula/vampire : happy hunting

@myself : geje koen riq

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February 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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George Hotz aka GeoHot

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my under graduate thesis is freakin killin me, been doin that stuff all day long and im stuck on hidrostatic stuff that i shud`ve been familiar with.,f*ck! i had to finish it soon..

anyway, i`ll write something about forex trading, this maybe sounds unfamiliar with you, but this forex trading is one of the best way to get money from the internet, you can do it from your place……………………………………………………(im loosing a word to say, im not really intense with this topic)

ill write something aboout george hotz aka geohot , hes the genius guy who jailbreak (hack) iPhone at the age of 17, im pretty sure all jailbroken iPhone user know this guy, hes the one who bring the miracle to all of you, he make your iPhone works beyond the limit,  i wonder waht Apple thinkin about, why they bein such an evil by locking iPhone system, in some cases Apple is suck, think about it… why they had to put a limit on how iPhone shud work whether it can run whole lot better than before, thats something i cant stop  thinkin about…ok,lets get back to geohot, from what i read, this guy actually is one of the crew of the dev team,(FYI dev team is a group of a hacker that dedicated theirself to hack Apple software,,well they not doin it in all Apple software), but for some reason he got banned, i dunno why, but maybe everyone in the team are envy, coz he`s being too genius ;D, who knows…

from the blog he wrote he said that , actually he wanted to gave the iPhone he jailbreaked to the team, but for some reason he didnt. He traded his first jailbroken iPhone to Terry Daidone, the founder of Certicell, for a Nissan 350Z car and three 8GB iPhones, wow. But he`s doesnt stop with iPhone, in the end of 2009 Hotz announced his efforts to hack the Sony PlayStation 3. At that time, the console remained the only fully locked system of the seventh generation era and was widely regarded being very secure and almost unhackable. Hotz opened a blog to document his progress and five weeks later, on January 22, 2010, announced that he had successfully hacked the system! how cool is that, he actually Hack the devide that Sony Corp claimed to be an ” Unhackable Device”, this guy never stop keep me amaze, PC World magazine listed George as one of the top 10 Overachievers under 21, and forbes wrote something  said Hotz hopes to go into neuroscience: “hacking the brain,”.ckckck he shud work on Google or Apple,indeed!

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February 13, 2010 at 3:00 pm

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