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Another Google aggression!

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im trying to write something before hit the sack. So umm,what do i got today? i got lil problem with lyla,i got myself starving till 10pm (that bcoz i got myself fasting today), and i got a lil news from google, i guess its not a big news, but i think worth to write, they always got something to tell about, everyday.. Anyway, do you know that the founder of goo gle both are a 36 years old guy? cool  isnt? they`re Larry page and Sergei brin, both are computer science, both are jews, both have a Phd degree, and i can assure you both are freakin genius and both came from a high educated family, Larry page father is a computer science professors and Sergei brin  father is a mathematics professor, and his mother is a research scientist at NASA, well this explain where the genius brain come from, all this time i thought we dont need to be a genius to create something  huge,  i guess i was wrong, well not interely wrong but  sometime huge thing  can only be done by a genius, 😉

Ok, back to the news, todays news from google is that google expanding their empire with another branch, so what is it? let me introduce you Google Energy, the point of this news is that google now can buy and sell energy, so does it mean google set to become energy provider? not yet, but theres the possibility. Wow, seems clearly they`re trying to make world domination in every aspect, let see if it goin to works.

nite folks!

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February 21, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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Google China hacked by a school student?

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one thing i notice today is malang got another blackout  which  started and ended at the same time just like the day before,i think it`ll keep goin over and over again for the next few days,,anyway,i just watch hachiko, lyla said this is an movie an extremely sad movie, but hey, i aint sad at all ;p

Another news i got from the internet today is about Google, remember the cyber attack on google  china? well the google company were make an investigation and conclude that the cyber attacks came from a chineese school !!!  according to the report, the attacks were began as early as april, a month earlier than previously thought, but according to the news there also another  educational departement suspected to be involved, the departemant they mention were Shanghai Jiaotong University, well it does make sense, ive  doin a lil reseach bout this university, and it said that it has a leading computer science department and recently won an international competition organised by IBM, another fact i found that many of this university alumnus are silicon valley employee,which mean they`re definetly good with computer programing , system hacks or whatsoever…(definetly something im not good at). The chineese goverment denied they`re involved on this system-attacks which pulled this search engine out of their comunis country (what a liar ), but i gotta say, chineese hacker are freakin awesome, they hack one of  the world best internet company, indonesian hacker shud learn from those guys. ;p

oh i forgot, the school i mention on my post is the Lanxiang Vocational School, i got no information bout this school,tell me if you got one.,.

*another news–> did you notice facebook became twice as fast with their new look? ? thats what i read, but i felt nothing different thou *

nite folks!

@lyla:  nite dear

@dracula/vampire : happy hunting

@myself : geje koen riq

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February 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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Google Buzz work better on mobile device?

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february 17 , been a really good day today, everything are just perfect, i got the agreement for my undergraduate thesis proposal revision, i got a quality time with my besties and last but not least i, i make my first file tansfer via bluetooh from my iTouch today, how cool is that, its better than  iPhone.

anyway, i just try google buzz from my iTouch today, and it really had such a terrific interface, whole lot cooler than twitter had actually, for some kind of reason it makes me curious, i felt like google buzz  specially designed for a mobile device,  u can see it from the interface, if  you use google buzz service from your PC, u wont feel any different, u just feels like you open  a random message on your inbox, yes its just as similiar  email interface. another fact i found (or at least i think so) is, the Google Buzz works on  your mobile device better than  your PC`s, it works faster, compare yourself..this is something you wont get for Google wave,  Google wave doesnt work well on your mobile device, it only works on computer but still its so buggy, it works effin slow,..  (blah! forgive my bad grammar, my head filled with many random annoying thoughts)

Anyway ,Im recently listen to Oasis-some might say such great song, you shud hear it…(just sayin)

hava nice day folks!

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February 17, 2010 at 6:31 pm

Google VS Apple

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who would win it?

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February 13, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Buzz Ztuff

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Been  a  while since my last post, i just havent got any idea what to write about, my last post was about Google , well on this post maybe i`ll stick with taht topic, for the last few days all i can see in the internet is always about Google new feature, Google Buzz,.. and that makes my curiosity mind tempted. So i open my Gmail account and the Buzz menu is already thre, we dont even need to install anything, just like Google Wave does.

So what so good with Google Buzz, so far i can tell is, this things mixed the best features from both facebook and twitter,and  yes it does!Google Buzz have the interface of Twitter,it also have followers-following stuff, yet your status update is unlimited, you can write more than 140 charaacters,that something you cant do on twitter and you dont need to put link in order to show your picture or your video, u can put your picture and video right exactly in the same page ( Gmail) .,., and why i say this thing  have facebook features? well, if  your using Twitter you`ll need to put RT in order to make a  comment on the status  your following-person make, but on Google Buzz you can put your comment directly  below their status, just like facebook feature did.

With more than 400 million users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network; Twitter by contrast has only 18 million or so. Gmail’s unique visitors numbered around 36 million as of last year. Clearly, Facebook is dominating. Google is attempting to challenge that dominance with Buzz, but Facebook is at the same time planning to move just as aggressively into Google’s territory. ( i got this user data from mashable )

anyway, i just read an article from the internet , it said that Google already surpasses 9 millions post and comment, WOW! Remember, this is a service that launched on Tuesday, meaning that it’s getting over 160,000 comments and posts per hour. That’s a staggering!staggering number (sigh). Another article i got from the internet today is about world University rank, it tells that UGM is on the first rank among other university in Indonesia, hmm that where my Lyla gonna get her Master degree, go get it dear! 😉

Hava nice day folks, keep open minded yourself.

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February 12, 2010 at 7:27 am

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What`s wrong with Google

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00.42, and i havent sleepy yet, still workin out my under-graduate-thesis .,.i need more data! i think i`ll write something , it wont take much time.,maybe it`ll refresh my mind.

what wrong with google? yeah,that exactly waht im tryng to figure out.,they start from search engine, then they buy YouTube,and then they make Google Android,they create Google Chrome  and from the rumour i heard, this year they gonna launch their own OS based on internet connection.,GOOGLE OS.

So what does it mean by “OS based on intenet connection” ?

That mean the OS only works if u had internet connection.

Why is that?without internet connection we can still open our file on our hardisk isnt?

NO, if your using Google OS, than u will not gonna need hardisk anymore,u gonna have an unlimited hardisk in your computer, all of your data is storaged on the Google Docs Account. The user interface takes a minimalist approach, resembling that of the Chrome web browser. Google Chrome OS is aimed at users who spend most of their computer time on the Internet, another benefit of this OS is, its only onsumes one-sixtieth as much drive space as Windows 7, how cool is that, so light!

but how if we wanna install a software? idk… im tryng to find out how, but i can find any article could explain it, but i think google shud fix that lack, considering they still had few month to go before the released day,,,FYI : Chrome OS is set to have a publicly available stable release during the second half of 2010.

Anyway, yesterday google also annouced their brand new feature called Google Buzz, what is it? its kind of social network based on their email features ( GmaiL) , i dont know yet how it work but soon i`ll give it a try .,. when i tell this to Lyla, she said: “ha? some kind of social network? but they already have Google Wave isnt? “and yes shes right, they already had Google Wave,., it makes me keep thinkin, What wrong with Google???

nite all

@google : u re doin great with the OS, briliant idea, keep it up! (like anyone care) ;D

@ lyla: nite dear, quote of the day ; “ate nak jogja rek ;( ” , i`ll miss a moment like today.,.standing in the rain beneath my jacket ;D

@ myself : get your ass back on the chair  and finish your due,,u had a target to run!

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February 10, 2010 at 5:44 pm