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unPerfect Jailbreak ! x( *but i think it still works*

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havent making any post for a while im loosing a word to write…so now im curretly jailbreaking lyla friends iTouch, 8 giga 3rd gen iTouch..well actually this is not a “real” third gen, Apple said that the 3rd gen iTouch come with 3 version, 8GB,32GB and 64GB… but from waht i read only the 32GB and 64GB iTouch is the real 3rd gen, what i mean is they`re the one who got the new specs, the 8 Gb version doesnt has it, the 8 GB version is a repackage of the 2nd gen version..its quite different thou, just like the different between iPhone3G and 3GS, ..iPhone 3GS twice faster than 3G….in this case the 32GB and 64GB twice faster than the ‘3rd’8 GB iTouch…

but i thing i do noticed, eventhou those iTouch has a different type of specs, but it have a common behave soon as u jailbreak it (with blackra1n), the jailbreak work just fine, it takes less than a minute to get it done, but if you restarted your iTouch, your iTouch wont turn on unless you plug your iTouch to computer and run Blackra1n again,theres nothing to worries about coz it aint delete any of your apps.but it still suck isnt? u gotta plug  your iTouch everytime you restarted it…. this unperfect jailbreak called “tethered jailbreak”, but i heard the ‘untethetered jailbreak’ will be release soon.

Lyla said he gonna buy the 3rd gen and i hope the unthetered jailbreak already came out by the time he bought it. 😉

Nite Folks!

*anyway, this week.. for the first time in my life, i really touch a Macbook ;p*

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March 6, 2010 at 6:10 pm

a very short article about Jailbreak

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test.,test.,,.im in?

00.27 .,dont know what to write,just tryng to updated my blog.nothing special today except i`ve make  myself up with Lyla,i dont wanna had  a fight with her anymore, i hope so. ❤

anyway,what im doin now? im staring at the 256-Ram-PC doin some random browsing while my iTouch playing some random playlist  and  currently playing paradise-Nookie ,who`s  it? idk either..

I got this iTouch as a birthday present from my girl, Lyla,and she named it IPO,nice name thou ;). Been 1 and 1/2 year i had this iTouch, yet i havent got bored, this stuff is so unbelievably awesome,theres always new features updates on it, well that of  course u had to jailbreak it first,go google yourself if you wanna know waht jailbreak really is. So iTouch/iPod touch is run with a software (or it used to call as firmware) released by Apple. The point of this Jailbreak is ‘hack’ into this Firmware`s vulnerable spot and modified the firmware so you can customize it ,well not literally, i mean you customized it by downloading specific stuff from ‘cydia store’.

So whos the hacker working on Jailbreak software? that would be George hotz and the Dev Team, i`ll write something bout them later on my next post, or maybe on my next after my next post.



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February 5, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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