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Guess How Much Are Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and LinkedIn Worth?

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its 3.38 am now, ..i was   already asleep, but somehow i woke up, and cant get myself back to the sack,  today  i hear some news, not a big news, but i think its nice to write, its about how much Twitter, Facebook, Zynga and Linkedin worth? linkedin is another social network but they more like bussiness orientated , Zynga is a Facebook games provider company..

from what i heard, well its kinda surprising, on the first chart we got facebook with $11,5 bilion, second we got Zynga with $2.6 billion, twitter with $1.4 billion, LinkedIn: $1.3 billion. all sounds okay for me except Zynga, how could a facebook game provider, worth more than twitter?i guess it has no competitor in this type of bussiness, thats why it so valuable, it grows as big as facebook grows.

Nite folks!

*kinda starving.. -_-*

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March 4, 2010 at 9:48 pm

even jason mraz got hacked

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juat a quick update before i hit the sack, i hav to sleep early tonite, gotta go to campus at 7 am.my random browsing today lead me to a surprising news, well not that surprising,..anyway, remember my late post bout the Twitter phising attack. Guess who got phished?  Jason Mraz… (@jason_mraz)

yesterday jason mraz twitter got hacked, Mraz account curretly sending a tweet followed by  a link that will cost you a phone bill if you follow through with the request, i suppose thre a social engineer going on here, think about it, it doesnt make sense if someone like  json mraz makes such a fool action like giving away his twitter password to a person or to a some unknown site (read my post about phishing attack) . A few moment after he knew his Twitter bein hacked he confirmed it on his Facebook account,said, ““**IMPORTANT** someone has hacked into Jason’s twitter account. Don’t believe anything that is tweeted until we have access back into the account!” He seem to be freakin out. ;D

another news i got is about HTML5 VS Flash. a famous social media news held a survey about which one  do you prefer to choose to watch a youtube video,and this is the result :

HTML5 handily knocked out Adobe Flash. With 3,891 votes, HTML5 garnered 61% of the polls. Adobe Flash was able to muster 1,779 votes (28%), while 660 said it was a tie (10%).

it havent even release yet (the one that used by youtube is a Beta version), but it already feat flash, maybe Steve Jobs statement, said that adobe lazy ,buggy and the world about moving to HTML5 does make an effect on this survey, who knows,… but one thing for sure, every Apple action always set the new standart of all device,  but it just my opinian. 😉

anyway, i put many tag word on this post, sorry if you think those word doest even related, but i think it does related.

nite folks!

*i got a paragraph to translate, trying to help lyla on her way to get master degree* 🙂

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February 28, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Little twittering things

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something wrong with facebook today, i found it difficult to open my account, it said that facebook under maintenance, such a crap, its getting boring and boring everyday, soon everyone gonna feel the same… and (maybe) turn to twitter. Twitter its whole lot cooler than facebook, simple yet addicting, at least that what i feel, at the first time im using it,  for about 2-3 month all im doin on twitter was just updating my status (something that i almost never did on facebook), thou is nothing fun with that, dont need to wait longer to get myself bored with that,  then im starting to read  whats goin on  on the trending topics, and i guess it makes me excited with twitter, i suppose all of you already know what does trending topic means, trending topics is a top ten list bout something  most people talking about at the recent time, sometime the trending topics is talking about artist,news, or just talking  something crap such as “what are you playing  right now?” / ( #nowplaying), or sometime its about funny joke (this is something i really excited with), and now as the time goes by (blah), i found myself rarely updating my twitter status, more of my college friends join twitter, and now for me twitter became more than something to put what-happning-to-you status, its became a chat room!. Another thing i noticed to be interesting from twitter is you can get the most updated news from around the world/ certain place (depends whom are you following to ). Anyway todays news is about how twitter growing rapidly, this january Twitter hits 50 million tweets per day, it said that

– In 2007, around 5,000 tweets were sent per day.

– By 2008, the number grew to 300,000 tweets per day.

– By 2009, around 2.5 million tweets were sent through Twitter every single day.

– Tweet growth shot up by 1,400% in 2009, reaching 35 million tweets per day by the end of the year.

– As of now, Twitter sees 50 million tweets created per day.

this number definetly noteworthy and provide evidence for statement that said  Twitter is not growing,..umm actualy i dont care at all what people said about  twitter whethr is not growing or whatsoever, i just enjoy this social  network service. ;p

nite folks!

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February 23, 2010 at 6:09 pm

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Buzz Ztuff

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Been  a  while since my last post, i just havent got any idea what to write about, my last post was about Google , well on this post maybe i`ll stick with taht topic, for the last few days all i can see in the internet is always about Google new feature, Google Buzz,.. and that makes my curiosity mind tempted. So i open my Gmail account and the Buzz menu is already thre, we dont even need to install anything, just like Google Wave does.

So what so good with Google Buzz, so far i can tell is, this things mixed the best features from both facebook and twitter,and  yes it does!Google Buzz have the interface of Twitter,it also have followers-following stuff, yet your status update is unlimited, you can write more than 140 charaacters,that something you cant do on twitter and you dont need to put link in order to show your picture or your video, u can put your picture and video right exactly in the same page ( Gmail) .,., and why i say this thing  have facebook features? well, if  your using Twitter you`ll need to put RT in order to make a  comment on the status  your following-person make, but on Google Buzz you can put your comment directly  below their status, just like facebook feature did.

With more than 400 million users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network; Twitter by contrast has only 18 million or so. Gmail’s unique visitors numbered around 36 million as of last year. Clearly, Facebook is dominating. Google is attempting to challenge that dominance with Buzz, but Facebook is at the same time planning to move just as aggressively into Google’s territory. ( i got this user data from mashable )

anyway, i just read an article from the internet , it said that Google already surpasses 9 millions post and comment, WOW! Remember, this is a service that launched on Tuesday, meaning that it’s getting over 160,000 comments and posts per hour. That’s a staggering!staggering number (sigh). Another article i got from the internet today is about world University rank, it tells that UGM is on the first rank among other university in Indonesia, hmm that where my Lyla gonna get her Master degree, go get it dear! 😉

Hava nice day folks, keep open minded yourself.

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February 12, 2010 at 7:27 am

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