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todays news (actually 5 days ago, but i just noticed today) is all about bloom box, this not just an ordinary  box this box could powers your whole house, sounds like a big battery for me, but dont get it wrong this stuff is not as big as you imagine,  you can even hold it, it fits in your hand, this box as small as a rubic cube,this box developed by one of  Silicon valley company (i though silicon valley only produce computer stuff), evethou this box havent release for the public usage yet, but this breakthrough electricity techology has been used by severals silicon valley company, such as  Google, this box provide a green energy, no emissions produce,  But who cares, i dont think this ‘box’ gonna get to indonesia soon. 😉

anyway i hear a rumour said that the upcoming iPhone OS (that will also use on iPad) indicated that the new iPhone and iPad will support video call (see the pic above), thats mean they gonna have a front camera,but theres no official statement from Apple bout it. But again, ‘who cares’ im not an iPhone nor iPad user,  i just adore the technology inside that stuff 😉

hey, im making a polling, if there any of you somewhere out there coincidently read this post, feel free to poll ;p

nite folks!

*umm today… not pretty good day for me, im  having a lil problem with her, make me  kinda awkward, screwed,mess up, you name it…hope ill make it up soon like it used to be*

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February 26, 2010 at 7:04 pm

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