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a very short article about Jailbreak

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00.27 .,dont know what to write,just tryng to updated my blog.nothing special today except i`ve make  myself up with Lyla,i dont wanna had  a fight with her anymore, i hope so. ❤

anyway,what im doin now? im staring at the 256-Ram-PC doin some random browsing while my iTouch playing some random playlist  and  currently playing paradise-Nookie ,who`s  it? idk either..

I got this iTouch as a birthday present from my girl, Lyla,and she named it IPO,nice name thou ;). Been 1 and 1/2 year i had this iTouch, yet i havent got bored, this stuff is so unbelievably awesome,theres always new features updates on it, well that of  course u had to jailbreak it first,go google yourself if you wanna know waht jailbreak really is. So iTouch/iPod touch is run with a software (or it used to call as firmware) released by Apple. The point of this Jailbreak is ‘hack’ into this Firmware`s vulnerable spot and modified the firmware so you can customize it ,well not literally, i mean you customized it by downloading specific stuff from ‘cydia store’.

So whos the hacker working on Jailbreak software? that would be George hotz and the Dev Team, i`ll write something bout them later on my next post, or maybe on my next after my next post.



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February 5, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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