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Spirit Jailbreak for any iDevices

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trying to get something to write here, trying to keep my blog ‘alive’….well,let see…been more than a month i never wrote anything, seems like im starting to loosing my blogging ardor, it aint easy to bring it back thou, but sometime i always get it back after wrote a few line of sentences or more and the word just flew by, written here.

there some topic that maybe  i can write, about the released of the new JB tool called spiritjb,about the new itunes that doesnt supports blackr4ined ipod touch/iPhone, or maybe i can write about my minithesis that has 59 days ETA by now. Ok, lets start with the first topic, but i dont think im gonna talk bout the last one. So what is spiritjb, well basicly it has the same function as well as blacr4in its Jailbreak the iDevice, FYI: jailbreak let u involves hacking the OS to acces the file system and install the third party application. Anyway, the different is this jb tools can use to jailbreak all tipe of ipod touch  and firmware, blackr4in can only jailbrak 1st,2nd and 8gb 3rd gen ipod touch, more over this spiritjb can also jailbreak the new Apple product that claim to be the future tablet computer,iPad! despite their differences, both also has something in common, both of it is not a carrier unlock (for iPhone), which mean …just because u jailbreak it doesnt mean u can change your phone carrier provider as you wish, if u ought to change your carrier provider u need to install another app, it can be found on cydia. another information i heard is that this spirit jb still so buggy, in some cases it could cause the iDevice get some system error and require to restore to original condition (unjailbreak), another rumour said that the iPad version of cydia is also has some bug, so i suggest for theiPad user dont be to rush by jailbreaking your iPad, take our time, the best yet to come. 😉

for anyone still  curious, what does the spiritjb look like just download here , is not that i cant give some review about the process of jailbreak with this tool, it just that i had no reason to try it, my iDevice is already jailbroken and it already contain many cool app on it, this jb tools require your iDevice tobe restored before it start.

nite all.

bismillah 59 days to go 😉

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May 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Phone`s browser War ! (safari vs opera)

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its 30 minutes to 4, the dawn shud come in a moment,ill get some rest after doing “sholat subuh” (you name it), anyway whats goody around the internet?or shud i say, whts goody about Apple? well,a couple days ago they just approve a cool app on the iTunes, i bet most of you already know what this app  can do, its one of the most famous browser in the world, Opera! wow, the most famous mobile browser on the most famous smartphone, well see if this going to work.

Maybe some of you wondering and asking, they already have their own browser called Safari isn`t?  Safari and Opera is a rival, isn`t? the answer is yes it does..neither do i  still wondering what does Apple think about, when they decide to Approve this app., in my opinian this app (Opera) tend to makes iphone user move from Safari to Opera, who knows, we`ll see… i suppose Aplle has their own opinian about this confident decision. 🙂

nite folks/morning

*i got my bike fixed ysterday, im so exited, im going home today*

*i love my girl, she always makes funny look everytime i tease her*


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April 15, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Apple VS Adobe? *let the war get to the next level*

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another post by me,  there has been many great news around lately, Apple took most of the attention with their new iPhone4.0 OS (i wrote it on my last post), anyway remember the war between Apple and Adobe (started by steve jobs opinian when Apple launched iPad), i think Apple started to take this seriously, from waht i hear Apple banned every iPhone apps that using adobe technology…ummm, they really take a huge step by putting adobe on their blacklist, it seems that Apple quite sure that adobe technology doesnt soon gonna be out of date  instead Apple starts promoting HTML5 as Adobe replacement , i wonder waht will adobe do to respons this Apple action (i suppose they cant do anything, :)), i think they`ve choose wrong enemy to dealing with..  😉

Anyway check the video below, its the video from Apple iPhone 4.0 OS event yesterday … maybe some of you has already read the headline about the event yersterday, but i bet there some of you may hanker to get a glimpse of turtlenecked steve jobs presentation, check this fuckin out 🙂

nite folks

*i love my future wife* 😉

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April 9, 2010 at 6:45 pm

whats good from Apple’s iPhone OS 4 event !

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what so good from today on the internet? Apple just release their a confirmation about their new OS, iPhone 4.0, so far i can tell there has been a major improvement happen on this new firmware, but the best improvement is that Apple put multitasking feature on its OS, this feature is something that all iPhone users been waiting for, another new feature is that they adds folder and add social gaming ala xbox (i dont know what this feature really is, i mean is this something like facebook game aka farmville?)

on his speech steve jobs said that this OS gonna be the best OS any phone can had, Steve Jobs said at the event, “we weren’t first to the party, but we’re gonna be the best.”( i bet it will), on his speech he also said that  the main reason why does Apple wont support multitasking because multitasking  tend to drain the battery life so fast, but now they`ve figure out how to solve that problem. the OS will be avilable for iPad this fall and for iPhone 3GS this summer, how bout ipod touch?

here`s what steve jobs said about it : “We are releasing it for end users for iPhone and iPod touch for users this summer. For the 3GS and iPod touch 3rd gen. And, for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd gen, they will run many things… but there are some things they won’t run, like multitasking.”

pretty shitty huh? it doesnt work well on iPod Touch 2nd gen, the hardware just dont support it ;( . but  honesty i dont really afraid bout it since my jailbroken iTouch already has this feature, in pretty sure my itouch had more features than Apple iPhone OS 4.0 had. 😉

nite folks!

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April 8, 2010 at 6:46 pm

iPad real cost revealed! ;)

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been so very while i havent got any mood to make any post, neither do now,… but ill give it a try (like i usually do). anyway from the rumour i heard apple gonna release new iphone OS tomorrow, iPhone 4.0 .,., the rumour said that this OS gonna make a pretty huge difference,for example, this new firmware gonna support full multitasking for iphone apps,we`ll see tomorrow if  the rumour has it…well i dont feel to intense with this news since my itouch has already got everything that smart phones can do, even more.,., it only lack of phone and sms feature, but i had that prob solve with my ultimate 6 years old nokia 1100 ;D .

Anyway, for the past days gadget geek all around the internet were talkin about iPad, one of the news i found to be interesting is about how much does the iPad cost really is….well then, youre paying iPad for at least $499 , the question is,” how much Apple take advantages from iPad?” according to the analytics company iSuppli, it is approximately half of that amount. wow, its a big amount, they take almost 100%  from the actual cost, but still i think its worth well. the technology inside the iPad is beyond the present, at least i think so ;), eventhou many argument about this stuff , about how they said that iPad is just an ipod touch with a larger dimension, about how it doesnt have any special feature , but we cant resist that it does already make a great discussion all over the world. 😉

ok then enough for tonight, not a bad post thou, considering been weeks i havent make  one.

Anyway, iPad shipping anyone? 😉

Ps: the picture bout iPad and stone comparation above has nothing to do with this article , but hey, cool picture isnt? 😉

nite folks

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April 7, 2010 at 6:11 pm

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how to setup “wifi everywhere for my iTouch ;D”

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Another post on the goo;) (but i had no idea what im goi to write).anyway, on my last post i wrote something about internet tether from laptop to iTouch, and guess what….i  did it, now i can do my internet activities over my iTouch. now i can  tweet and doin some facebook-ing from anywhere (on my dorm house area) ;). um i think  now i got an idea what im goin to write about….

so this is how the steps how i make laptop as a wifi point access : (tutorial by http://kutumbaba.wordpress.com)

  1. open you control panel and click on ‘network connection’
  2. right clcik on ‘wireless network cnnection’
  3. click properties
  4. click the ‘wireless connection’ tab
  5. click ‘add’
  6. name your network on ‘network name(SSID)’ box , ex: Bengkyo 🙂
  7. choose ‘shared’ on ‘network authentication’ menu
  8. choose ‘WEP’ on ‘data encryption’ menu
  9. Uncheck ‘the key is provided to me’
  10. type 13 charachter for yout password on ‘Network key’ box
  11. repeat password
  12. check ‘Computer-to-computer network’ box
  13. go to the general tab, and choose ‘Internet Protocol (TCP IP)’
  14. type your private IP, ex:, Subnet Mask
  15. type you internet provider DNS server —> double click the LAN connection, go to ‘support’, go to ‘detail’ , and there you go
  16. click OK
  17. then check on the wirelees list, wether the network we just made has show up. if yes, click connect
  18. Now go to the  LAN connection, right click-properties-advanced
  19. on the intenet connection sharing, Checklist the’ Allow other Network bla bla bla’
  20. PC setting done
  21. now go to your iTouch wireless list
  22. go to STATIC
  23. type the IP address  just like the one you put on your PC, but change the last number, ex, than your ipod shud be
  24. same subnet mask
  25. put your PC`s IP addresson  ‘router’, ex :
  26. put your Provider`s DNS Server on DNS box
  27. connect and ENJOY! 😉

let me know if it works for you 🙂

nite folks!

*i gotta back on my undergaraduate thesis, i hope i wont find any problems to finish it soon*

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March 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

wireless access point for my iTouch *can i?*

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2.45 am, trying to get myself awake, i got something to do tomorrow morning and i really dont wanna get late. umm soo today i got another lil progress for my undergraduate thesis and i found new  cool site, i found iTouch community on the internet, finally i found some people with the same interest as i do. after a few thread browsing on that site i found  new cool thing,  about how to make your laptop/PC as a wireless point centre, so that you can connect your iTouch  with the internet through your laptop via wireless. cool isnt…yet i havent prove it wether is it works or not,well actually ive try it once today using lyla`s laptop, but it didnt work well, my iTouch has detected the wifi signal the laptop`s made, but apperantly it just a wifi signal without an IP address, i guess i made some mistake, i`ll give it a try again tomorrow.

i just think its gonna be freakin cool if it works,, im using LAN intenet for my PC, that makes me cant do any internet activity with my iTouch, so if it really works it`ll makes my iTouch lot more useful ;). I`ll post the tutorial soon as im done with this “project” ;D . Been more than a years  i have it, but still, i remain in awe of its tech 😉

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March 10, 2010 at 8:24 pm

(how dare) Opera (claimed theirself as) the fastest browser on Earth.

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just installed the newest version of Opera, so im gonna make another crap review bout it.  Opera 10.50, they claimed theirself as the fastest browser on earth, after a few random browsing i did with this browser all i can say is ,it works nice, quite fast, but for a few site it  doesnt work too well, i mean this browser tend to slow down the PC performance soon as u deal with a site contains many javascript on it (FYI : javascript is a type of computing programming language that basiclly used on web building), website with a chatbar menu contain many javascript, such as ,Gmail,facebook, yahoomail etc, and it really make my pc slower… but u wont feel this problem if u had a pc with a high RAM memory..i guess this browser doent designed for a low  RAM pc -_- , but its okay thou, i can still use Firefox,…

for me Firefox is the most compartible browser for all type of pc, it works well wether the pc has a low or higher memory, wether it has a high-end processor or not…definetly a piece of art browser. 😉

I guess this browser (Opera) worth to try, maybe some of you fits with this browser…another main feaature of this browser is that they have something called opera turbo, this feature enhanced the speed of your browsing speed by reducing the contain of the web you ought to open. it makes your browsing speed increased 80%, thats what they said, but i doesnt work well with me, i found that my browsing experience felt boring, because the feature reduced to much picture on the site i ought to open.

one thing for sure, do not use IE, its the lamest browser of all.

But again, it just my  opinian 😉

nite folks!

*i ate to much chili tonight, my stomach feels like  burns*-_-

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March 2, 2010 at 5:59 pm

this computer technology does exist !

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No blackout tonite, i thought there would be another blackout for a few days, but i guess i was wrong. Anyway i just found a really cool site, this site run by a software company, maybe you never heard about it, what i mention is Oblong industries.inc, this company develop what i called as the future computing system, have you ever watched minority report or avatar? if you havent, then u have to watch it, than u`ll get what i mean, .

Here a lil explanation, the oblong industries is the developer of the g-speak spatial operating environment, so what that mean? actually i dont know, it sounds like programming language  for me, but what i do know is, this project were inspired by minority report, a movie whose characters performed forensic analysis using massive, gesturally driven computer displays (you name it), actually the similiarity is no coincidence, from what i read, one the Oblong founder were served as the science advisor and the technology he used were based on the earlier work hes trying to develop on his lab, MIT (FYI: the rumour has it, MIT is the best technology institute in the world, this is where most of the NASA employee come from) ok, back to the project, the aim of this project is making a future computing system based on gestural interface where people can interact with the computer without using any mouse or keyboard, the point is  you`ll control everything just by pointing you finger ! now  thats  what i call the future. (kinda ironic im talkin about future computing while im still using celeron processor computer).  Without further a due, watch this video, feel free to amaze 😉

please notice,this is just the beginning, the best yet to come…

Nite folks!

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February 20, 2010 at 8:21 pm

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Google China hacked by a school student?

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one thing i notice today is malang got another blackout  which  started and ended at the same time just like the day before,i think it`ll keep goin over and over again for the next few days,,anyway,i just watch hachiko, lyla said this is an movie an extremely sad movie, but hey, i aint sad at all ;p

Another news i got from the internet today is about Google, remember the cyber attack on google  china? well the google company were make an investigation and conclude that the cyber attacks came from a chineese school !!!  according to the report, the attacks were began as early as april, a month earlier than previously thought, but according to the news there also another  educational departement suspected to be involved, the departemant they mention were Shanghai Jiaotong University, well it does make sense, ive  doin a lil reseach bout this university, and it said that it has a leading computer science department and recently won an international competition organised by IBM, another fact i found that many of this university alumnus are silicon valley employee,which mean they`re definetly good with computer programing , system hacks or whatsoever…(definetly something im not good at). The chineese goverment denied they`re involved on this system-attacks which pulled this search engine out of their comunis country (what a liar ), but i gotta say, chineese hacker are freakin awesome, they hack one of  the world best internet company, indonesian hacker shud learn from those guys. ;p

oh i forgot, the school i mention on my post is the Lanxiang Vocational School, i got no information bout this school,tell me if you got one.,.

*another news–> did you notice facebook became twice as fast with their new look? ? thats what i read, but i felt nothing different thou *

nite folks!

@lyla:  nite dear

@dracula/vampire : happy hunting

@myself : geje koen riq

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February 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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