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Classic yet powerfull phone ;D

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00.05 still i cant get myself to sleep,lil problem with lyla today,but i think we can handle it.  A friend of mine just got home from his vacation on Bandung,he brought me a T-shirt, but the problem is, he brought me the small one, I mean the very small one and theres a naked picture in front of it,but thank you so much anyway. If only i can put that naked picture here(on this post) ,to bad my phone  has no camera.

i had a very old fashioned blue screen screwed speaker phone,yet im loving it.,.well i buy it 6 years ago,we`ve been through many things together,haha ;D its a nokia 1100, well even at his time (6 years ago)  he never be one of the the best phone, but for me hes one of the best,and it irreplaceable, why is that? mMmm..heres some of the reason why,well i send my first text to lyla wth that phone, i got a text that telling me that im accepted at my present college now from that phone, and the most important is, that phone is unbrakable,,,u had no idea how many time that that phone was crashed into pieces,and last but not least.,,that phone is unwanted anymore,i mean who will be so stupid to steal that phone ?? it priceless,who will be so stupid to buy it ! but for me it one of a kind, i`d rather lose my PC than losing that phone (guyon,tok..,tok.,.,tok) ;D

nite all

@lyla ; luvu dear 😉

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February 6, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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