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Apple VS Adobe? *let the war get to the next level*

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another post by me,  there has been many great news around lately, Apple took most of the attention with their new iPhone4.0 OS (i wrote it on my last post), anyway remember the war between Apple and Adobe (started by steve jobs opinian when Apple launched iPad), i think Apple started to take this seriously, from waht i hear Apple banned every iPhone apps that using adobe technology…ummm, they really take a huge step by putting adobe on their blacklist, it seems that Apple quite sure that adobe technology doesnt soon gonna be out of date  instead Apple starts promoting HTML5 as Adobe replacement , i wonder waht will adobe do to respons this Apple action (i suppose they cant do anything, :)), i think they`ve choose wrong enemy to dealing with..  😉

Anyway check the video below, its the video from Apple iPhone 4.0 OS event yesterday … maybe some of you has already read the headline about the event yersterday, but i bet there some of you may hanker to get a glimpse of turtlenecked steve jobs presentation, check this fuckin out 🙂

nite folks

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April 9, 2010 at 6:45 pm

even jason mraz got hacked

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juat a quick update before i hit the sack, i hav to sleep early tonite, gotta go to campus at 7 am.my random browsing today lead me to a surprising news, well not that surprising,..anyway, remember my late post bout the Twitter phising attack. Guess who got phished?  Jason Mraz… (@jason_mraz)

yesterday jason mraz twitter got hacked, Mraz account curretly sending a tweet followed by  a link that will cost you a phone bill if you follow through with the request, i suppose thre a social engineer going on here, think about it, it doesnt make sense if someone like  json mraz makes such a fool action like giving away his twitter password to a person or to a some unknown site (read my post about phishing attack) . A few moment after he knew his Twitter bein hacked he confirmed it on his Facebook account,said, ““**IMPORTANT** someone has hacked into Jason’s twitter account. Don’t believe anything that is tweeted until we have access back into the account!” He seem to be freakin out. ;D

another news i got is about HTML5 VS Flash. a famous social media news held a survey about which one  do you prefer to choose to watch a youtube video,and this is the result :

HTML5 handily knocked out Adobe Flash. With 3,891 votes, HTML5 garnered 61% of the polls. Adobe Flash was able to muster 1,779 votes (28%), while 660 said it was a tie (10%).

it havent even release yet (the one that used by youtube is a Beta version), but it already feat flash, maybe Steve Jobs statement, said that adobe lazy ,buggy and the world about moving to HTML5 does make an effect on this survey, who knows,… but one thing for sure, every Apple action always set the new standart of all device,  but it just my opinian. 😉

anyway, i put many tag word on this post, sorry if you think those word doest even related, but i think it does related.

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*i got a paragraph to translate, trying to help lyla on her way to get master degree* 🙂

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February 28, 2010 at 3:57 pm