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it  take ages for me to get my mood back in this crappy thing called blogging,  everthing whole lot differents since my last post, i mean… totally different! i aint a teenage anymore, yet i dont feel any wiser ( well im trying to), im a working guy, nothing special with that, what makes it special is i work with many unordinary engineer *you name it*,  for the last 5 months, its been a great experience to work with them,  i can assure you all of them definetly a smart ass guys, most of all they’re so effin funny, i cant barely stand a day  without laughing on their jokes. Indeed, i can imagine a better place to work than this, im blessed,  working in an oil and gas consultant with a lot of  amazing people, something i can never imagine before,  well actually i do ever imagine it, working in an oil and gas industry, but not in a consultant company, who am i  kidding, but what do you know, i make it through. i learn some new things about engineering thingy here, about how we work as a team with other discipline of engineer, though i havent had a chance to involve  on those project  (yet),  those ‘ some thing’ is a  definitely quite an experience, well of course its quite an experience , this is my first im actually ‘work’  as an engineer, yet i dont feel like an engineer, based on wikipedia, an engineer is a professional practitioner of engineering, yea a professional… it takes tons of project to claimed yourself as an professional, that what im trying to pursue, to be an engineer. But for now, im still an engineer gonna be.

Some things change, some not,,,, what definitely havent change is, i still wrote crappy things on this crappy page, it was crosssed on my mind to reconstruct this blog into sort of educational blog, but  what the fuck should i write, i aint that smart, maybe its just  gonna make me look like a guy who trying to look smart in front of smart people whether YES, im trying to be smart, but theres a different between someone who’s smart and  thoughful, yes its different, a different that i myself couldnt explain it (see.. what a crappy pointless  statement i’ve made, feel free to close this page), the point is, i dont wanna makes this blog as a journal, a page to wrote down anything about how hard my day was, who cares about it anyway. What a bullshit, im talking as like i never wrote something like that, bosh!

i dont care if no one read my blog, its just feel good to write, have an outlet for every thought i had

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May 10, 2011 at 10:00 am

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