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are you Feiko?

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another random¬† post by me, actually i dont any idea what should i write about, i aint a good writer, im just trying to act like a writer ūüėČ . anyway, yesterday when im doing some random browsing i found something¬† interesting about watch, its about how to find the different between¬† fake seiko (Feiko) and real Seiko, eventhou both has many thing in common, but seiko has put something¬† unussual in their product. lucky me, my seiko is the real one. ūüėČ

ok then, here`s some of the different between Seiko and Feiko :

the number 2 on real seiko date is kinda unique, you`ll see that it has an unusual shape, since im not good enough decribe something, just look at the picture below, there you`ll see that it looks un simetric

—to be continued (tomorrow) –

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September 27, 2010 at 6:51 pm

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september eventtt

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This internet stuff quite a distract,,,whats goody? theres so many news around the internet, to much i cant even remember it. i remember few month ago  about how Apple`s acquisition against Microsoft as the number one tech company in the world, i believe Apple`s brand new product (iPad) took a part at this accomplishment, yet their  most revolutionary product still their iPod and iPhone, its amazing how an mp3 player like an ipod and iPhone make a significant role to  this company. Anyway few weeks ago Apple were held their event, there has been many rumour around the internet about what`s the events all about, evryone on Apple forum were saying there would be a new gen of iPod Touch coming up, new iOS launch, and some saying about new ipod nano is about to release,wondering what kind of another Apple  miracle contained in a small sleek device named iPhone, as you know , even the earlier generation of iPhone, (iPhone 3GS) yet it hasnt got any competitor, in other word yet its the best smartphone by far.

Ok, back to the event,¬† steve jobs on his event answer all of the rumour, well yes, the rumour has it, except for the new iOS launching. Now the 4th Gen iPod touch has its own back and front camera, remarkable A4 chip and cool retina display, how cool is that, its an iPhone without a phone and messaging feature, and also whole lot cheaper, couldnt agree more. Moreover announcement is about the new iTunes 10, i had no info about this itunes, since im quite comfort with my recent itunes, well eventhou theres a new iOS i aint gonna update my idevice to it, that because the latest iOS is dedicated to idevice with with new hardware, and my idevice definetely cant handle it, but stiil…this device were always a vintage for me.

umm,now ive became a graduate student ,,*like anyone care*

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September 20, 2010 at 5:26 pm