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iPad real cost revealed! ;)

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been so very while i havent got any mood to make any post, neither do now,… but ill give it a try (like i usually do). anyway from the rumour i heard apple gonna release new iphone OS tomorrow, iPhone 4.0 .,., the rumour said that this OS gonna make a pretty huge difference,for example, this new firmware gonna support full multitasking for iphone apps,we`ll see tomorrow if  the rumour has it…well i dont feel to intense with this news since my itouch has already got everything that smart phones can do, even more.,., it only lack of phone and sms feature, but i had that prob solve with my ultimate 6 years old nokia 1100 ;D .

Anyway, for the past days gadget geek all around the internet were talkin about iPad, one of the news i found to be interesting is about how much does the iPad cost really is….well then, youre paying iPad for at least $499 , the question is,” how much Apple take advantages from iPad?” according to the analytics company iSuppli, it is approximately half of that amount. wow, its a big amount, they take almost 100%  from the actual cost, but still i think its worth well. the technology inside the iPad is beyond the present, at least i think so ;), eventhou many argument about this stuff , about how they said that iPad is just an ipod touch with a larger dimension, about how it doesnt have any special feature , but we cant resist that it does already make a great discussion all over the world. 😉

ok then enough for tonight, not a bad post thou, considering been weeks i havent make  one.

Anyway, iPad shipping anyone? 😉

Ps: the picture bout iPad and stone comparation above has nothing to do with this article , but hey, cool picture isnt? 😉

nite folks

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April 7, 2010 at 6:11 pm

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