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Ipod touch post

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So hey, im posting this through my itouch :),anyway,im going home today, after more than 3-4 month i havent got home.

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March 27, 2010 at 10:21 pm

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well.,.,well.,.,heres another post by me,, been a while havent got any idea what to post about, neither do now   , but i`ll try to make some…

for the pass days all im doin on the internet was just hang around on itouch fans forum at kaskus, i never thought that itouch is the most visited forum on gadget categories, i guess it proves that this stuff by far still one of the most valuable gadget, at least i think so. ;), well i found none something new for me there, instead im the one who helping newbie around there, ,ive already know most of the trick they discussed there. the most complained thing there is  about how fucked up the3rd gen itouch is, it couldnt be jailbreak yet, this fact makes me feels so grateful having a 2nd gen itouch (like anyone care)

anyway, its 3.45 in the morning and im sleepless, curently watching ‘jarhead’, somehow i feel like this movie has the same storyline as ‘the hurt locker’ has…it tells about how frustrated to be a marine on a conflict country..boring movie thou.

okey then, thats all i can post, i need a time to get myself back on the mood to make something worth to write.

nite/morning folks

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March 26, 2010 at 5:53 pm

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iPad order, any? ;)

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im loosing my mood to write a post… -_-, besides, i got nothing to post, been busy with my unfinish mini-thesis, for the last days, kaskus were bein the most interesting site, they got many interesting and funny thread.

Anyway the iPad pre order has been open up few days ago….and fro the news i  heard, the pre order reach 90000 in the first day, and slowing down to  150000 in the second days,…eventhou its slowing down but still, i think its definetely beyond expectation,..considering many arguie and disapointment the day iPad released. well,  i guess this proved that Apple still one of the most valuable brand around the world. Another cool fact i found about iPad is about its battery replacement,  from Apple’s iPad FAQ: If your iPad’s battery goes dead, Apple will simply send you a completely new iPad and charge you 99 bucks (plus $6.95 for shipping) for the service, you alone are responsible for backing up your data on the old iPad, however, and it won’t work if the dead battery is the result of an accident of some sort or unauthorized service (it mean you wont get new iPad if the battery dead because your own fault), at first glance it sounds like a good deal isnt? this Apple statement shows that Apple has a high confident with their battery quality,,,i think theres no other company do better than Apple, they not only produce hardware and sofware (mac OS, iPhone OS), but they also make a long life Battery.

NIte folks!

*im about to try astral projection i just read on kaskus, but idk if its goin to work, i hope i wont loosing my nerd  soon as i get on sleep paralysis condition *

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March 15, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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how to setup “wifi everywhere for my iTouch ;D”

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Another post on the goo;) (but i had no idea what im goi to write).anyway, on my last post i wrote something about internet tether from laptop to iTouch, and guess what….i  did it, now i can do my internet activities over my iTouch. now i can  tweet and doin some facebook-ing from anywhere (on my dorm house area) ;). um i think  now i got an idea what im goin to write about….

so this is how the steps how i make laptop as a wifi point access : (tutorial by http://kutumbaba.wordpress.com)

  1. open you control panel and click on ‘network connection’
  2. right clcik on ‘wireless network cnnection’
  3. click properties
  4. click the ‘wireless connection’ tab
  5. click ‘add’
  6. name your network on ‘network name(SSID)’ box , ex: Bengkyo 🙂
  7. choose ‘shared’ on ‘network authentication’ menu
  8. choose ‘WEP’ on ‘data encryption’ menu
  9. Uncheck ‘the key is provided to me’
  10. type 13 charachter for yout password on ‘Network key’ box
  11. repeat password
  12. check ‘Computer-to-computer network’ box
  13. go to the general tab, and choose ‘Internet Protocol (TCP IP)’
  14. type your private IP, ex:, Subnet Mask
  15. type you internet provider DNS server —> double click the LAN connection, go to ‘support’, go to ‘detail’ , and there you go
  16. click OK
  17. then check on the wirelees list, wether the network we just made has show up. if yes, click connect
  18. Now go to the  LAN connection, right click-properties-advanced
  19. on the intenet connection sharing, Checklist the’ Allow other Network bla bla bla’
  20. PC setting done
  21. now go to your iTouch wireless list
  22. go to STATIC
  23. type the IP address  just like the one you put on your PC, but change the last number, ex, than your ipod shud be
  24. same subnet mask
  25. put your PC`s IP addresson  ‘router’, ex :
  26. put your Provider`s DNS Server on DNS box
  27. connect and ENJOY! 😉

let me know if it works for you 🙂

nite folks!

*i gotta back on my undergaraduate thesis, i hope i wont find any problems to finish it soon*

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March 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

wireless access point for my iTouch *can i?*

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2.45 am, trying to get myself awake, i got something to do tomorrow morning and i really dont wanna get late. umm soo today i got another lil progress for my undergraduate thesis and i found new  cool site, i found iTouch community on the internet, finally i found some people with the same interest as i do. after a few thread browsing on that site i found  new cool thing,  about how to make your laptop/PC as a wireless point centre, so that you can connect your iTouch  with the internet through your laptop via wireless. cool isnt…yet i havent prove it wether is it works or not,well actually ive try it once today using lyla`s laptop, but it didnt work well, my iTouch has detected the wifi signal the laptop`s made, but apperantly it just a wifi signal without an IP address, i guess i made some mistake, i`ll give it a try again tomorrow.

i just think its gonna be freakin cool if it works,, im using LAN intenet for my PC, that makes me cant do any internet activity with my iTouch, so if it really works it`ll makes my iTouch lot more useful ;). I`ll post the tutorial soon as im done with this “project” ;D . Been more than a years  i have it, but still, i remain in awe of its tech 😉

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March 10, 2010 at 8:24 pm

post #?

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been 2 days i havnt make any post, i had nothing to write, kinda wordless i guess..today either. for the last days im trying to make a progression for my undergraduate thesis, and i think i make some, but now im curently stuck up, i need more data.I think if i got the data i need, i`ll get this done less than 2 month. Anyway, after jailbroke a 3rd gen iTouch and testing it, somehow i felt like my iTouch had better performance than the 3rd gen does.

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March 9, 2010 at 8:49 pm

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unPerfect Jailbreak ! x( *but i think it still works*

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havent making any post for a while im loosing a word to write…so now im curretly jailbreaking lyla friends iTouch, 8 giga 3rd gen iTouch..well actually this is not a “real” third gen, Apple said that the 3rd gen iTouch come with 3 version, 8GB,32GB and 64GB… but from waht i read only the 32GB and 64GB iTouch is the real 3rd gen, what i mean is they`re the one who got the new specs, the 8 Gb version doesnt has it, the 8 GB version is a repackage of the 2nd gen version..its quite different thou, just like the different between iPhone3G and 3GS, ..iPhone 3GS twice faster than 3G….in this case the 32GB and 64GB twice faster than the ‘3rd’8 GB iTouch…

but i thing i do noticed, eventhou those iTouch has a different type of specs, but it have a common behave soon as u jailbreak it (with blackra1n), the jailbreak work just fine, it takes less than a minute to get it done, but if you restarted your iTouch, your iTouch wont turn on unless you plug your iTouch to computer and run Blackra1n again,theres nothing to worries about coz it aint delete any of your apps.but it still suck isnt? u gotta plug  your iTouch everytime you restarted it…. this unperfect jailbreak called “tethered jailbreak”, but i heard the ‘untethetered jailbreak’ will be release soon.

Lyla said he gonna buy the 3rd gen and i hope the unthetered jailbreak already came out by the time he bought it. 😉

Nite Folks!

*anyway, this week.. for the first time in my life, i really touch a Macbook ;p*

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March 6, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Guess How Much Are Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and LinkedIn Worth?

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its 3.38 am now, ..i was   already asleep, but somehow i woke up, and cant get myself back to the sack,  today  i hear some news, not a big news, but i think its nice to write, its about how much Twitter, Facebook, Zynga and Linkedin worth? linkedin is another social network but they more like bussiness orientated , Zynga is a Facebook games provider company..

from what i heard, well its kinda surprising, on the first chart we got facebook with $11,5 bilion, second we got Zynga with $2.6 billion, twitter with $1.4 billion, LinkedIn: $1.3 billion. all sounds okay for me except Zynga, how could a facebook game provider, worth more than twitter?i guess it has no competitor in this type of bussiness, thats why it so valuable, it grows as big as facebook grows.

Nite folks!

*kinda starving.. -_-*

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March 4, 2010 at 9:48 pm

How to appear smarter than you really are

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soo, here im gonna make another post, yesterday such a awful day for me,  i had a lil accident that got me some wide wound, lucky me i had a medical faculty friends, it shouldve been stiched, but i think im ok with this 😉  its been more that a day i havent make any post , well theres no important news i got yesterday, today neither.

anyway i just  found a cool article, i found it from my friend blogs, the article called :

“6 ways to Appear  smarter than you really are”

  1. Wear glasses. It’s no secret that people associate glasses with intelligence. Look at any of your intellectual heroes, Jean-Paul Sartre, Noam Chomsky, Elton John. What do they all have in common? That’s right, they all wear glasses.
  2. Mix foreign language into everyday conversation. Holding the door for someone can be a chore, especially when you know all you’re going to get out of it is a boring old “thank you.” Next time you walk into your building and someone takes the time to hold the door for you, hit them with a “danke” and see what happens. They’ll probably be champing at the bit to hear your opinions on current affairs. If they dare interrupt you during your commentary on what you pretend to know about federal budget spending with their opinion on the matter, say “au contraire” and walk away.
  3. Tuck a pencil between your head and your ear. This gives the illusion that your time is so valuable that not a moment can be wasted fumbling around your pockets in search of a writing utensil to write down your profound ideas. Replacing the pencil with a pen will make it look like you’re not afraid to make mistakes, because you don’t.
  4. Sit with one leg crossed over the other. Sitting with one leg crossed over the other is one of the intelligent community’s worst kept secrets.
  5. Begin papers with a famous quote. There is no better way to start off a paper than to include a famous quote in the introduction.
  6. Develop a taste for coffee. Sometimes, a cup of coffee is the difference between saying something smart and forgetting to wear pants. The caffeine in coffee can help gain some awareness during the morning hours, but there is more to it than that. Drinking coffee all the time will make it look like you are in need of energy.

mean while, the headline  news in the last few days arounds the internet is  bout Apple to sue HTC for patent issued, but i think i got nothing to write about from that news since im not excited with law stuff.

its 3 pm, have good nite folks!

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March 4, 2010 at 8:02 am

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(how dare) Opera (claimed theirself as) the fastest browser on Earth.

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just installed the newest version of Opera, so im gonna make another crap review bout it.  Opera 10.50, they claimed theirself as the fastest browser on earth, after a few random browsing i did with this browser all i can say is ,it works nice, quite fast, but for a few site it  doesnt work too well, i mean this browser tend to slow down the PC performance soon as u deal with a site contains many javascript on it (FYI : javascript is a type of computing programming language that basiclly used on web building), website with a chatbar menu contain many javascript, such as ,Gmail,facebook, yahoomail etc, and it really make my pc slower… but u wont feel this problem if u had a pc with a high RAM memory..i guess this browser doent designed for a low  RAM pc -_- , but its okay thou, i can still use Firefox,…

for me Firefox is the most compartible browser for all type of pc, it works well wether the pc has a low or higher memory, wether it has a high-end processor or not…definetly a piece of art browser. 😉

I guess this browser (Opera) worth to try, maybe some of you fits with this browser…another main feaature of this browser is that they have something called opera turbo, this feature enhanced the speed of your browsing speed by reducing the contain of the web you ought to open. it makes your browsing speed increased 80%, thats what they said, but i doesnt work well with me, i found that my browsing experience felt boring, because the feature reduced to much picture on the site i ought to open.

one thing for sure, do not use IE, its the lamest browser of all.

But again, it just my  opinian 😉

nite folks!

*i ate to much chili tonight, my stomach feels like  burns*-_-

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March 2, 2010 at 5:59 pm