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another massive eartquake -_-

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another earthquake today, this time happened on chile, its a massive one, about 8,8 magnitude, from the rumour i heard, its 1000x more powerfull than haiti`s, by the time i write this post, about 120 people found dead and im pretty sure the victim would raise up, they just havent found yet, from what i heard this eartquake would effect a huge tsunami in some place in the world, japan , hawaii and australia has put  an alert warning to everyone  on the coast side, even waikiki beach (the most famous beach in hawaii) has already been clear up, seems like  everyone so over panic with this, well they shud be, they  better be over reacted than do nothing, i just hoping there wouldnt be another eartquake and more victims found  because of this. i hope the earth stop making unecesarry movement.

nite folks.

*its almost 4 am and i havent sleepy yet, somekind of insomnia i guess, or maybe my biologic time  has turn upside down, i hope i can fix it, i had enough problem because of this*

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February 27, 2010 at 7:57 pm

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