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Dont try this on Twitter

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its a quiet nice day, everything goin on like it suppose to be, lyla got the signature she needs, its good to see her smile again, been a few days she always get sad evrytime we got home from campus, hopefully she can get everything done soon. 😉

so..do i got something crap to write today?ummm, i think i got one, another hot news this week is about phishing attack on Twitter, i dont know exactly what does phising attack really is, but in my opinian that would be somekind of hacker attack, the aim of this thing is to steal your password, in this case, your Twitter password.  so who would be so evil doin this crap shit?idk, thres no article said bout it,, the modus of this attack is, you`ll get a message with a text  “this you???’  followed by a link that will send you to a  web that would ask you to enter and confirm your Twitter password, do not fall with the trick, coz you dont acctually login to your twitter account, instead it`ll send your password to the hacker. Been thinkin, i wonder why he doin it? why would he need  someone twitter account? what he`s up to do with someone twitter account? why dont he just hack bank database and steals credits card info? why dont he just hack AppleStore database and ask Apple to send him an iMac? Umm .. maybe hes a Twitter addicted hacker ;D

heres a video i got from youtube about the attack demonstration

another news from twitter today, is that they`ve make partnership relation with Yahoo, now you can update your Twitter status from Yahoo…(so what)

Nite folks

*been a couple of time lyla ask me to write something about my ipod touch bluetooth feature, she think thats awesome, but i havent write any, i`ll write it soon 😉 *


Written by iwritten

February 24, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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  1. […] lead me to a surprising news, well not that surprising,..anyway, remember my late post bout the Twitter phising attack. Guess who got phished?  Jason Mraz… […]

  2. outstanding post! great advice, will take on board!


    March 6, 2010 at 7:42 pm

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