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Screwed rotation x(

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Evrything`s ok today, except that im loosing my iPod Touch rotation feature, dont know what wrong with that, im trying to find out how to solve it on the internet but i cant find any solution, every threat about ” iPhone/ iPod touch rotation feature disfuntion” always said that you got to fix it on Apple store, theres no certain hack to  solve it, if the problem occur on the software i can assure i can solve it, but  its a hardware problem,. definitely something im not good at… i lost one of iPhone OS best feature,my bad -_-

Been thinkin, been months i`ve downloaded many apps without paid any of it, maybe this is my price to pay,..well im not sorry thou, im not stealing, i just downloads what the internet provide for me, i think  i got a lot more cooler feature  than just a flip-screen-interface . . . eventhou w/o rotation feature, my iPod still the best gadget, esp because i had it from someone that very special for me.

Written by iwritten

February 22, 2010 at 5:34 pm

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