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Another Google aggression!

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im trying to write something before hit the sack. So umm,what do i got today? i got lil problem with lyla,i got myself starving till 10pm (that bcoz i got myself fasting today), and i got a lil news from google, i guess its not a big news, but i think worth to write, they always got something to tell about, everyday.. Anyway, do you know that the founder of goo gle both are a 36 years old guy? cool  isnt? they`re Larry page and Sergei brin, both are computer science, both are jews, both have a Phd degree, and i can assure you both are freakin genius and both came from a high educated family, Larry page father is a computer science professors and Sergei brin  father is a mathematics professor, and his mother is a research scientist at NASA, well this explain where the genius brain come from, all this time i thought we dont need to be a genius to create something  huge,  i guess i was wrong, well not interely wrong but  sometime huge thing  can only be done by a genius, 😉

Ok, back to the news, todays news from google is that google expanding their empire with another branch, so what is it? let me introduce you Google Energy, the point of this news is that google now can buy and sell energy, so does it mean google set to become energy provider? not yet, but theres the possibility. Wow, seems clearly they`re trying to make world domination in every aspect, let see if it goin to works.

nite folks!

Written by iwritten

February 21, 2010 at 6:54 pm

Posted in technology

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