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Google China hacked by a school student?

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one thing i notice today is malang got another blackout  which  started and ended at the same time just like the day before,i think it`ll keep goin over and over again for the next few days,,anyway,i just watch hachiko, lyla said this is an movie an extremely sad movie, but hey, i aint sad at all ;p

Another news i got from the internet today is about Google, remember the cyber attack on google  china? well the google company were make an investigation and conclude that the cyber attacks came from a chineese school !!!  according to the report, the attacks were began as early as april, a month earlier than previously thought, but according to the news there also another  educational departement suspected to be involved, the departemant they mention were Shanghai Jiaotong University, well it does make sense, ive  doin a lil reseach bout this university, and it said that it has a leading computer science department and recently won an international competition organised by IBM, another fact i found that many of this university alumnus are silicon valley employee,which mean they`re definetly good with computer programing , system hacks or whatsoever…(definetly something im not good at). The chineese goverment denied they`re involved on this system-attacks which pulled this search engine out of their comunis country (what a liar ), but i gotta say, chineese hacker are freakin awesome, they hack one of  the world best internet company, indonesian hacker shud learn from those guys. ;p

oh i forgot, the school i mention on my post is the Lanxiang Vocational School, i got no information bout this school,tell me if you got one.,.

*another news–> did you notice facebook became twice as fast with their new look? ? thats what i read, but i felt nothing different thou *

nite folks!

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February 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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