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A new class of device (another tablets review)

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blah! been an weird day lately.,.many things get through my head.,but it makes me learn something bout relationship, with family esp. Anyway,heres another reviews bout the product from the brands that i  adore…

When you think about what this new wave of tablet computers offers — easy access to the Internet, a way to watch video, portability without being a smartphone — you might think, “hey, that’s a netbook.” And you would be right. However, the netbook, despite its early aspirations, has never been able to define itself as a separate class of device.

Even before Apple announced the iPad last week, the Internet was going tablet-crazy. After speculation, literally years in the making, finally built to a crescendo, the public reaction has been decidedly mixed. Discussions about what’s missing and why the announcement was a disappointment have been covered from nearly every angle.

However, whether Apple’s iPad ultimately succeeds or fails, it is yet another sign of an emerging device class. With Google , Microsoft, and others investing in researching tablet-style computers, this is a trend that will not begin or end with the iPad.

hava a nice day folks

*i fells kinda  starving right now,still 2 hour to go to get our fasting brakes,.,yesterday lyla and i decided to get ourself  fasting, starts today*

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February 9, 2010 at 9:07 am

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