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For everyone who read my bloG!this is not a Diary

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a few hour ago one of my cousin  link this blog to few of my family, he ask them to give a comment here.,just to get myself  embarresed.,but why shud i? i aint write anything embarresed myself.

so here is my respond 😉

“kepikiran karo komen sampean aq mas.,tapi kepikirane gara2 sampean mikir aq g mikir kuliah
Dont judge people just because he aint wrote anything bout his college stuff, sekarang kan aq memang udah g ngambil kelas mas,dan recently working on my minithesis …. aq ngeblog kan soale biar g jenuh tiap hari ngerjakan skripsi,nek blogq isine nulis skripsi juga,lha kanggo opo ngeblog,i just tryng to get my mind refresed.,
i do thinkin bout my college.i mean it,thats still my first priority,make my parent proud of me,still my first priority.
and i not writing about my dating stuff?i just writing what i had in my mind,that all.,im not tryng to publicate my girl or whatsoever.honesty

the point is.,MAKE MY PARENT PROUD OF ME ARE STILL MY VERY FIRST PRIORITY ,this feelin i had,probably more that anyone could had,u know my family arent u?,trust me,i do know how it feels to be differents with the other family on our family,i know how hard my parent workin for me,paying my colleges and everyting and im not gonna dissapoint them!
i just ask u to keep thinkin positvily, cuma karena aq nulis sesuatu g ada hubungannya ma kuliah g berarti aq melupakan kepaercayaan ortu,this blog is just for fun for me to keep m mind refresed ,yet i never forgot to working on my under graduate thesis EVERYDAY,u know how hard to live in this tipe of major arent u? we would never finish it if u dont had those disciplin 😉

anyway,why shud i “sungkan”, i didnt wrote anything embarresed my self there, hha
thakns ;))
sorry if u think this is lil bit offense to you, but its not” 🙂

thing positively,thats make u be a grown man,keep open minded yourself brow (you know who you are)  😉

Written by iwritten

February 8, 2010 at 11:32 am

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  1. yo ngene iki Thoriq.
    I know he will respond to comments about him … especially regarding the family …
    I as brothers: ta akoni le kaoen ancine lanang tenan.
    wes ga kakean omong, ta “donga’no” ndang lulus trus oleh kerjaan sing penak le, ben iso cepet nyeneng no wong tuwo mu ( amien.. )


    February 9, 2010 at 4:46 am

  2. we we we lets this get straight,.,.,.
    wat happen to u bruuuu?!!!!!!!!!! look at u now?!!!!!!!!!!!!! why u just burn like fire?!!!!!!!!!!! i knew u and also u know better a lot than everyone?!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just knew this, that’s why u not pick up my call?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. mean that u wrote a ACTIVITY (c’mon dude,doesnt mean EMBRASSED like ur THINKIN’,sungkan na kene cuman ben dulur2 eruuuu,thats it?!!!!!!!.,.,)

    2.in 1st note that u wrote, u said “give me your comment below Emmm.,but i think i`ll decide it myself,i dont think there`s someone gonna leave a comment”,.,.so I invite families who like the surfing to read your blog and commented it,.,.,thats it,.,.,

    3.especially about your family,.not the slightest bad thought in my mind to your family brooooow?!!!!!!!!!!!! so, u really not to embrassed,.,. and nothing to embrassed,.,.,.c’mon “sungkan” yo dak ono mdsud opo2 bruuuuw,.,.,.

    4.i just want u to pick up my call broow,.,.,seriously?!!!!!!!!!!


    February 9, 2010 at 7:31 am

  3. “…sorry if u think this is lil bit offense to you, but its not :)”

    aq iki lagi nak omahe konco bru, ra nggowo hape, iki bales nak kmptre koncoq
    , nak fesbuk kan aq bolak balek ngomong,aq g ngamuk ato emosi, cuma takok.,lha iki wes mbok jawab.,
    jawaban bisa diterima ;), aq g ngrasa kene bermasalah. oyi


    February 9, 2010 at 7:48 am


    just pick up my call bruuu?!!!!!! a lot thin’ i want talk ’bout?!!!!!!!!!!!!


    February 9, 2010 at 7:56 am

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