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iPad reviewed (by an amateur)

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Hey apperantly i got something to post,i dont know is it good enough,but lets try. Apple just announce their brand new product for about a week ago,they named it iPad. some people think they made a wrong decision by named it iPad,well i felt the same way, maybe they shud named it iSlate, that would be whole lot cooler.

But that not the only thing why does many people thing iPad was a fail product, most people thinks it fail because iPad has few ‘lack’ stuff that makes it doesnt deserve to be called as a tablet computer. Few ‘lack’ stuff people noticed are :

  • iPad OS doesnt support Adobe Flash, (FYI:adobe Flash is something you had to install to your computer if you wanna plays video from youtube)
  • iPad OS does do Multitasking, which mean you can only run a program in a time.
  • iPad doesnt had a camera.

okey,now,..does Steve Jobs said something about it?Yes, he does,  Steve called Adobe lazy, and said that while they have the potential to do interesting things, they don’t.

Adobe lazy, Apple does not support Flash because of too many  bugs on him.Mac hangs often because Flash. No one wants to use Flash. The world is moving to HTML5

How about the Multitasking problem? umm,did you ever heard about Jailbreak ? that should get that problem solve,the Dev Team should working on it.

Camera? who needs it anyway, i aint narcissist guy

(haha i talk  like im gonna get one soon)

oh i forgot to mention,this brand new stuff had a new kind of prosessor called Apple A4, and 10 hours battery life, how cool is that…

Written by iwritten

February 4, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Posted in technology

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  1. hahahaha
    1st comment from ur buddy dude?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why always talk ’bout IPAD shit thing?!!!!!!! hahaha how ’bout u dropped that thing,hahahahha!?!!!!! i think IPAD less simple?!!!!!! we can’t take him anywhere with such portion like that?!!!!!!!!!!! it’s kind tacky dude?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how ’bout that?????


    February 5, 2010 at 4:06 am

  2. holla Fam,yes i will,i`ll get dropped one, soon as i get the money,hha,,maybe next year,im pretty sure 2nd gen iPad shud already released 😉 how bout you?do you plan to get one?


    February 5, 2010 at 6:07 am

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