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FW 3.1.3

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Yesterday apple just release the Firmware updates for iPhone and iPod Touch, same thing happen to iTunes.,.for some reason,it doesn`t make me exited.,why? new firmware new jailbreak,.,i had to start it all over again,i mean,my itouch is on the perfect custom look now,if im doing it (firmware update), i`ll loose everyting,and i think the newest firmware is harder to jailbreak,apple seems already fix their vulnerable spot on their firmware update.,and thats not a good news.

Another bad news came from geohot,hes the genius guy that hack apple system at the age 17,., on his latest tweet he said :

There is no solution for 3.1.3 on newer devices or 05.12.01 There is no untethered jailbreak. I don’t know if/when these things will exist.

which mean,he got no idea how to jailbreak FW 3.1.3 , i hope same thing wont happen to iPad,aminn

Written by iwritten

February 3, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Posted in technology

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